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Tagged by the fabulous :iconpicktreebrag: She's cool. She herds goats c:
Rules and stuff:
So, here's how it works:
1. open your music library of choice
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that's playing
5. when you go to a new question, press the next button
6. don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

1. Opening: Beating Heart - Ellie Goulding
(Guess I'm on the move, leaving behind people. Scarily similar to real life o.o)
2. Wake Up: Running - Adam Lambert
(Dang I'm in a hurry, must have missed the bus or something)
3. First Day of School: Insomnia - Craig David
(So I didn't have the best sleep last night thinking about my ex I probably had to leave when I moved here and I can't help but miss them at school)
4. Falling in love: Just One Yesterday - Fall out Boy
(Mcdonalds would be healthier than this relationship. I ruined some poor innocent boy somewhere, but still wish I could go back to my last relationship)
5. Fighting song: Love Drunk - Boys like Girls
(Danggit this would have been perfect for the break-up song.)
6. Break up: Centuries - Fall Out Boy
(Epic break-up. I scarred the guy for life XD)
7. Prom: Suppose(version from A Twist in my Story) - Secondhand Serenade
(Rough break-up, tough prom if I even went. Chances are I stayed at home planking in sadness)
8. Life is Good: Maybe - Secondhand Serenade
(-not. Still planking in sadness)
9. Mental Breakdown: Hero/heroine - Boys like Girls
(didn't we have enough of that over the last two songs? Destroyed over my past relationship I start doing heroine which makes me believe I'm a superhero of some sort.)
10. Driving: Still Here - Digital Daggers (nightcore version)
(Numbed I drive to him. Can't let it go. I guess I'm not good at getting over break-ups)
11: Flashback: Endlessly - The Cab
(Maybe in high school I proposed with a plastic ring because since when can a teenager pay for anything? Guess it didn't work out was a plastic ring)
12. Getting Back Together: I'm Not Alright - Sanctus Real
(Seems like an acceptable way to ask someone to take you back)
13. Wedding: Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez
(Uhh...what family did I marry into?)
14. Paying the Dues: All About Us - He is We
(...this should have been the wedding song -_-)
15. Night before War: I wouldn't mind - He is we
(the title XD Got my hubby here so I'm not scared about no war.)
16. Final Battle: Angel With A Shotgun - The Cab
(YESSS BRILLIANT. Let's blow 'em to bits)
17. Moment of Triumph: All along - Remedy Drive
(Hollow victory, much was lost)
18. Funeral: Bloom - The Paper Kites
(not all that fitting but I'm guessing I lost someone dear who I didn't get a chance to say all I wanted to say before it was too late)
19. End Credits: Perfect - Hedley
(Song from me as the character of the movie to the viewers.)

Well this was fun. Probably wouldn't see this movie but fun to do nonetheless.
I tag: everyone who is interested in doing this. -w-


manly-unicorn's Profile Picture
Hello stalker,
If you're reading this then I'm probably not. In which case you are gaining access to personal information that I didn't specifically allow you to see. Oh I bet you'd just love to know all about me wouldn't you? Like what my favorite color is, or my hobbies or where I go to have coffee on the weekend. But then again, a stalker like you probably already knows all these things and the fact that I hate coffee so it'd be illogical to purchase it by my own free will. Now scat before I call the police, you're trespassing on private information published on internet space. Creep.
That will be all,
thank you
(I'm actually a pretty friendly person so don't be shy to say hi ^^)
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